How to make a swedish flag as a banner on Minecraft

It’s fun to decorate your buildings or gardens with flags and banners in Minecraft. Here’s how you can make the flag of Sweden on a banner using the loom step by step.

1. Make a loom by combining two planks of any kind and to string in the craftingtable.

2. Make a light blue banner by combining one stick and six light blue wool in the craftingtable.

3. Place the light blue banner in the loom and add yellow dye. Pick the Per Fess design.

4. Put the Per Fess banner into the banner slot, add light blue dye and pick the Chief design.

5. Put the banner into the banner slot, add blue dye again and pick the Per Fess Inverted design.

6. Put the banner into the banner slot, add yellow dye and pick the Pale desing.

If you want sharper edges, do Per Fess Inverted and Pale designs twice.


Bonus tips: Combine the finished banner and a shield in the crafting table to put the banner on the shield!


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