How to build a medieval abbey in Minecraft: Nonneseter 1150

Follow this step-by-step guide to build the Medieval Nonneseter Abbey Minecraft.

Nonneseter Abbey was possibly founded as early as 1150 and was dedicated to the Virgin Mary. A hospital run by the nuns at the abbey was documentet in 1411.

In 1528 the premises were converted into a private fortified residence. The surviving buildings were mostly destroyed by fire in 1891.

The base of the west tower survived, as did the chapel, originally the south chapel of the choir.

The single storey remaining of the west tower, the TÃ¥rnfoten (“tower foot”)9, measures 8,6 metres square. It was originally clad with dressed stone.

I’ve tried to find as much historical facts as I can to build this building as accurate as possible. Especially Arkikon’s work has been really usefull.

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